Wednesday, January 24, 2018

Bi-Monthly Newsletter Announcement!

Hi everyone, it's been a while!

I was busy during my first quarter as a sophomore at UCLA, primarily because of the insane workload CS33 (computer microarchitecture) I had to deal with weekly, but I have some news.


I attended a Game Fair at UCLA early on in the quarter and presented Trials of Rice to a group of people, which was really cool! Everyone seemed to be pretty interested in it, which has given me more motivation to work on ToR and make it awesome.

A Bi-Monthly Newsletter will be sent out now, starting with the first volume, February-March, within the next couple weeks, and will discuss how ToR has been developing, with links to music tracks on Soundcloud and details about the story and characters. I will also be posting these newsletters on this site, in the new 'Newsletters' page!

I am currently taking five courses at UCLA this quarter (including the dreadful CS35L), which means that time is going to be a bit of a problem again, however, I have decided that this project needs some serious progress, and a newsletter would be the best way to set things straight!

Message me if you have any questions...
I would love to have a chat with anyone interested in learning more about ToR!

Until next time,

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